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Monday 3rd November 2008 ~ A Case of Comfort

Pat travelled to Peterborough on J11 with 37573 on Saturday. She thought the seats upstairs gave little room and noted that the headrests were uncomfortable. She and her husband decided to come back on K3 with 37564, but this was seen going to the rail station, but not returning and instead everyone had to wait for 20503 on K5 which impressed Pat with its riding qualities and additional room.
Today was the best day for timekeeping since the introduction of the new buses. The daytime service was punctual with the exception of 37568 on Y8 09.48 ex Peterborough which passed Bruce 18 late. The delays didn't kick in until later when K7 17.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft with 20506 was 17 late departing and 20107 was 15 late on K6 17.31 Wisbech - Peterborough. Once again a Profile was involved in an unusual swap. 20351 on K17 14.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft came off at Lynn at 15.37 and then returned west again with K2 15.59 to Peterborough. K17 went forward with 37565, this had done K16 until 15.07 but was replaced then by 20114 which was presumably requested by Lowestoft. The evening peak then saw numerous swaps involving late running Geminis. Earlier in the day 20508 on J11 had been replaced by 20353 at 12.42 to Lowestoft, its first journey out since its collision. 20111 on L13 came off at 19.54 and the 19.59 to Peterborough was 20117 off L12. 20105/09/31 were the schools turns today, but 20109 later took over Y9 17.59 to Peterborough from 37573.
Not only did 37566 receive collision damage after it ran into a car in Peterborough on Friday, yet another Gemini (so far unidentified) had a minor argument with a car at the same location yesterday. 37565 as previously reported has a bodywork leak and now 37569 has water leaking into the drivers cab from the windscreen, so construction leaves something to be desired.


Jamie Vendy said...

Did you hear about the B9tls that got damaged with windows being smashed??

ECBusman said...

Today's X1 Routed Observations, in order, include:- AOO2 RBX (Peterborough Bound), WAO5 UNG (Peterborough Bound), a brand new un-identified 58 reg B9TL (Lowestoft Bound), an un-identiied Premiere with EXCEL on side (Lowestoft Bound) and a Barbie 2 liveried Premiere, P767 XHS OR P771 XHS, (Lowestoft Bound). All these were accompanied by Tri-axle Olympian K486 EUX, some Yarmouth based Darts, an un-identified Ambassador Solo and a handful of Reynalds of Caister Coaches. Thanks. Terence Wilkins.

Gerardtcc said...

Jamie, see Thursday 30th blog re the window vandalism. Terence, i think the Barbie liveried coach was probably 20127 - can you recall what time you saw it ? G