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Wednesday 5th November 2008 ~ Buses Buses Everywhere !

King's Lynn has become a bus spotters paradise lately with loans, wiithdrawn and blown up vehicles, those awaiting transfer to new homes and brand new Geminis all adding to the interest. One problem now however, is that space constraints are becoming an issue. Last night Rowan Road lock up was almost full as well as the garage at Vancouver Avenue. This is likely to worsen tomorow as three more new B9 Deckers plus 37571 off adblu repairs at Volvo are all due to arrive, while also expected back is Paragon 20507 which is due to be exchanged for Norwich Olympian 34903 which has been at Lynn since the weekend.

Paragon 20509 is now officially classified as out of service and 20508 may also be the same. A backlog of repairs has meant 20141 is still dead at Rowan Road, but better news for fans of 20126 (of which I know there are several !) as it has now had brake repairs completed and was out on Hunstantons late today. 20106 is having its scheduled service at Rowntree Way this week to relieve some of the pressure at Lynn. 20505 which was last seen on the X1 on 28th is at Volvo for repairs at the moment.

I was kindly given the opportunity to compare the seating comfort between an Olympian Royale (W reg) on loan from Lowestoft and a brand new Gemini tonight and there is simply no contest. The older vehicle wins hands down and has become a favourite with the Lynn drivers thanks to its handling too.
Well what about the X1 today ? Timekeeping was pretty good with a couple of notable exceptions. K6 07.59 Lynn - Peterborough was seen leaving Wisbech at 08.50 (19 late) this morning partly due to very heavy traffic at this location. 37567 was the vehicle. John W later noted it leaving Lynn about 30 mins late and it was stepped down at Lowestoft to become Y8. By the time it had arrived back at Lynn this evening it had already amassed 7489km on the clock since its entry into service on 23/10. John also witnessed Y8 arriving with 20111 and this being replaced by 37569 for the 11.12 to Lowestoft. Again there were numerous swaps today.
I had an emergency trip to Lynn this morning on business and on my return found myself heading west from Lynn to Wisbech on the A47 bypass and catching up none other than Gemini 37563 on J11 10.29 Lynn - Peterborough running approx 28 late and thus avoiding Tilney, Terrington and Walpole in an effort to make up some time. As we have mentioned before, at the moment scarcely a day goes by without a Gemini having to do this - it was a rarity during full coach operation. I did take the opportunity of following it for about a mile and can confirm that with a clear road it was doing a solid 56mph. For the poor passengers waiting at the villages they at least had the luxury of the following service (L12) being on time with 37573. Better than last evening when the 20.18 Peterborough - Lowestoft (K20) failed to run over the western section leaving passengers stranded in the fog. The bus off Y21 (20118) looks to have gone forward on K20 at 21.42. Tonight's Y21 - the one journey trip turn as 17.25 Lowestoft - Lynn had 20506 which had gone over earlier on K18 06.57 Lynn - Lowestoft.

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