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Thoughts from Bruce

Bruce has had a hatful of the X1 this week, so read on.........

Today I am going to Tesco where the trolleys are my friends and park in rows and are never late and don't have fleet numbers. The X1 does that to you.

Then I am going to the bottom of the paddocks to play with the other pixies and elves and if the big bad White Elephants come looking for us, we will hide in the dyke until they have all gone away. Even when they come in pairs, like they do sometimes.(On Saturday nights do they dance round their handbags and go to the loo in pairs as well?) The X1 does that to you.

Well I was a bit worried for Bruce after reading that, but tonight he says :
Sitting in bed in the new bedroom watching Sky last night, a strange white light kept filling the bedroom at 18 minutes past the hour each hour. Looking up the village and expecting to see Santa on his Round Table practice run, I saw a ghostly white apparition lit up like a Christmas Tree and heading towards Lynn through the mist and rain each time. No people were to be seen - a veritable Marie Celeste proceeding down the old A47! Have I found a ghost from times long ago, searching for a last passenger? Why does it always pass by at 18 minutes past the hour? Where does it go after 00.18 - does it have other roads to haunt?

Tonight I am hiding under the duvet until it passes!

Oh well Bruce, maybe 20107 will be out tomorrow and sanity will return.


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alan said...

i like that one