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Friday 7th November 2008 ~ An Old Fashioned Friday

Yes just like old times today, very few swaps and a dose of FST (Friday Standard Time) to make us feel at home.
Firstly though, news of more new arrivals at King's Lynn. The Gemini population increased today with 37570/72/74/77 all present this evening. Bruce had viewed two of them early this afternoon and he also noted 37566 undergoing inspection at Rowan Road prior to collision damage being repaired. No sign of the return of 37571 from Volvo as yet and Graham B reported 37573 at Caister Road garage in Yarmouth for much of the day. King's Lynn carried out the first scheduled service on 37563 yesterday. There was a bit of a rumpus two nights ago when the advertising chaps arrived at Lynn and were about to decorate a couple of Geminis when it was pointed out that this would obscure the route branding ! Something which might come in handy when the deckers move on.
Two of the 'stored' Paragons were called upon this evening as Lynn were short to cover Hunstanton schools after 20141/42 had gone away for rail replacement duty, 20500/08 were used this afternoon along with regular 20131.
On the X1, 20126 returned to Yarmouth last night and today 20117 came out instead (Y14). K5 began today with 20111, but this was changed at Lowestoft for 20121 which has been absent from the route since 22nd October and was not expected to return to traffic prior to moving to Edinburgh. 121 was 29 late at Wisbech this afternoon (due to depart for Peterborough at 15.01). Other Premieres appearing today were 20103 (K19 X2 diagram), 20104 (J10), 20105 (K20b), 20107 (Y8), 20109 (K20a) and 20118 (K6). in addition 20127 was allocated to Y21 17.25 ex Lowestoft, but 37573 seemed a more obvious choice.
20353 was undergoing repairs to a wiring fault in Vancouver Avenue tonight. One thing I failed to mention yesterday was 20111 putting in an excellent days work on L13. On time from Wisbech at 11.31 to Peterborough, 4 minutes early (yes really !) past Bruce returning to Lowestoft and dead on time departing on the 19.59 Lynn - Peterborough. I also have info regarding 20104 which is too sensitive even to divulge here, suffice to say that it has not been late this week !!

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