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Wednesday 12th November 2008 ~ White Elephant Charge

Today the Gemini B9s took over in full force. Profile 20352 was unusually provided for the K15 05.42 Lynn - Lowestoft and K19 & K20 (the X2 and Norwich commuter return empty turns) had 20126 and 20114. Apart from these the first non Gemini eastbound service was at 12.42 with 20105 on J11.
37575/6 completed the B9s into service today, but 37566/69/77 were not seen through Lynn. J11 with 20105 had been seen by Bruce on time at Eye heading west, but A47 shenanighans made it exactly 30 late returning. The novelty of thirteen consecutive Geminis heading from Lynn to the coast was then broken big time with a succession of old faithfuls, these being 20105 (J11), 20118 -17 on L12, 20103 -5 on L13 and 20104 -18 on Y14. Bruce was out filming these at lunchtime.
At this stage it looks like the entire fleet of B12s were idle today, 20501/4 having joined the others at Rowan Road but this evening 20500 was absent, so it has either left for First Essex or been required as a last minute X1 substitute. White Elephant 37564 was taken out of service today at some point, so it is just possible that 20500 replaced it.
Speaking of the B9s, there was a farce this afternoon when Bruce viewed K1 and K2 following each other, the former 30 late of course. 'There wasn't a cars width between them' says Bruce and I can confirm this, as on leaving Wisbech at 16.31 they arrived outside my window at the traffic lights in the mating position ! 37578/6 were the buses involved and both were carrying passengers. Earlier this morning Bruce (who had a busy day) saw 37571 on K4 running late at the eastern end of Thorney bypass and then 37575 following at the western end. 37578 has had its destination display changed to a different 'fatter' font and others have been noted elsewhere like this.
20107/114 were out on the Hunstanton route today in addition to 20126/131 on schools runs.

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