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Sunday 2nd November 2008 ~ Paragon Swansong

Surely there wont be many more Sundays left where five B12s are used ? I had expected 20508/9 to remain at Rowan Road until they leave for Glasgow, but today 20508 was in X1 service, although when seen at Walpole Highway as the 17.17 to Peterborough it had its old problem and had 'Great Yarmouth' showing in its destination box. 20500/03/06/09 were also out. Geminis used today were 37563 (19 late on the 18.17 to Peterborough), 37564 seen at Wisbech running 10 late as the 16.09 to Lowestoft and 37565 on time as the 17.09 eastbound. Sole Premiere in use was 20118 seen bang on time both at lunchtime and this evening.
Noted tonight at Rowan Road were 20109/114/126/131/141, 20351/2/3, 20501/2/4, 37566 and at Vancouver Avenue 20103/05/20, 37567/9.
20353 has returned from collision repairs at Yarmouth and the repaint job is quite noticeable.

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