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Sunday November 16th 2008 ~ Part Time Blog

As I previously intimated, I am now running down this blog and after tomorrow, I will only be using it to report any notable observations, for example B10 workings and any excessive late running/incidents. Don't forget whilst the blog has only been going since July, I've been doing all this for 4 years now !!
A fine afternoon saw me make a trip over to Lynn. Vancouver Avenue garage was locked up as usual but contained 20118/120 plus five white elephants in the shape of 37567/571/2/4/6. At Rowan Road were 37575 and 20351/3 along with 20105/14/19/31 and the nine Paragons. 20119 came in last night after a three month absence on the X1 route. 20500 had as reported yesterday returned from Norwich/Ipswich rail replacement work - thanks very much to Sam for this information.
On the X1, the potential for a completely B9 worked service was there, but in action were 20104/07/26 along with six Geminis, including 37564 off repairs.

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Norfolkbus said...

Hi Gerard,

20505 noted at Duffields,Yarmouth this morning (Monday).