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Tuesday 4th November 2008 ~ Transition Stalemate

Nice atmospheric picture of 37568 & 37564 by Jamie Vendie

After the influx of Geminis, things seem to have stalled somewhat and further new deliveries have not occurred as yet. Today the timetable ran well for the most part and First seem to be carrying out just as many swaps, but with less time lost. Something odd was happening at Lynn this morning, K2 08.18 ex Peterborough viewed by Rob Brooks was 37567, but this was replaced at Lynn by 20105. 37567 then returned to Peterborough on L12 07.15 ex Lowestoft instead of 20351. Meanwhile the service in front of this (J11 with 37564) was delayed with the result that at 11.07 37564 was seen leaving Wisbech Horsefair 36 late on J11 followed by 37567 one minute behind on L12. It seems very unlikely that 37567 ran through to P'bo as it was then seen at Walsoken 2 minutes late at 12.15 heading back to Lowestoft as J11. Are you with me thus far ?? The L12 turn had a strange day as 37564, which having swapped turns with 37567 was now on it only worked back to Lynn where its original vehicle Profile 20351 went forward. This wasn't the end of 564's day though as it was then called upon to replace 20501 on L13 12.18 ex Peterborough, the Gemini itself being replaced by 20504 later to work the 19.59 to Peterborough. There were many other changes of diagram today and one of note was Gemini 37568 arriving at Lynn from Lowestoft at 16.54 on K6 and then being sent back east as K5 at 17.12 instead of 20117 which did the opposite and returned to Peterborough on Y8 17.29 replacing 20107.

There was excitement in Beccles today when for the first time a B7 Profile appeared on the X2, it was 20352 on the second part of K19. This had begun with 20104 which was diverted onto an X1 (K17). The other vehicle involved in a sort of triangular swap was Gemini 37565. 20114 also put in an appearance on the X2 today and according to Michael, this was the first day he had noted where no old Olympians appeared on the service.

20126 spent its second day under repair at Vancouver Avenue, while the return to service of 20353 meant there was a surplus of coaches and 20508/9 were idle at Rowan Road with 37566 (accident damage) and 20141 (water leak/brakes).

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ECBusman said...

Observations today include:- AOO2 RCF/X and 2 more un-identified (1 -what would'ave left Lowestoft Bus Station at between 7.30 - 8.30 am today, 2 - What left lowestft TESCOs, Lowestoft Bus Station destined, at roughly 5-5.30 pm today?), R463 CVR on a local Yarmouth Service, an Alexandra Royale bodied Volvo Olympian (showing something like Special Service/ Not in Service/ Service or something like that, M218 VWW and a Lowestoft based Volvo (yes VOLVO) Olympian on 1/1A, N626 GAH, P442 TCV and an Ambassador Solo. Terence.