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Wednesday 19th November 2008 ~ Hit and Miss

The performance of the B9s seems to be very hit and miss. Today for example some services were excessively late, whilst others ran almost to time. Now despite intentions to the contrary, I will be reporting sightings of the white apparitions, simply because you all keep sending me reports !!

Noted this morning by our variety of correspondents were K1 07.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft (regular reports will be shared on this, as it's the bus I pass on the way to work !) with 37567 running 14 late out of Wisbech due to the roadworks on the approach. K6 with 37570 made up a little time having been seen 13 late going to Peterborough on the 07.59 westbound from Lynn (Cheryl). Y9 06.32 from Yarmouth was on time with an unidentified white elephant, but 37568 on J11 07.05 ex Gorleston was 20 late (Bruce) and this had increased to 32 minutes returning east. 37565 with the 'late lady driver' belied its chauffeur being only 3 late through Walpole en route back to Lowestoft on Y14 12.48 ex P'bo. Rob B saw it leaving Peterborough rail station 4 late so she had done quite well. Rob also saw the following K15 13.18 ex Peterborough with 37575 (for the second day in a row) departing 10 late. The next service, K16, was seen by me at Walpole (due 12.47) at 13.15 with 37573 so well down and with 20351 on K17 about 5 minutes behind. Afternoon Geminis seen were 37574 only 5 late westbound and 7 late returning on K3 10.55 ex Lowestoft and 15.18 return. 37578 scrutinised by Bruce at Lynn bus station before a belated departure as the 14.29 to Peterborough (K5) and with an obvious oil leak judging by the rear. I ended up following this home from work as it was 28 minutes late departing Wisbech and indeed the oil leakage was quite noticeable on the white bodywork. Sam saw 37576/7 at teatime in Norwich heading west and Michael confirmed Sam's sighting of a Gemini on the afternoon part of K19, it was 37569.

Enough white elephant talk, what of our old friends the B10Ms ? Well 20121 was seen by Bruce on L12 07.15 ex Lowestoft and was about 8 late returning at lunchtime. This evening on my way to a pool match I encountered 20111 on time heading for Lowestoft on Y9 19.18 ex Peterborough. Others seen today were 20103 on K19 this morning, yesterday it did the full turn, but today Sam says alarm bells were ringing throughout his journey with it, so little surprise that it was knocked out by a Gemini (see above). Today was a bonus day for B10s on the X2, 20104/07/11/17 were all seen by Michael and between him and Sam they saw all but one of the Volvo Royale Olympians on the route. John and Bruce both saw 20105 in Vancouver Avenue today, but it was fit for school work this afternoon when it was joined by 20127. John also saw 20509 and 34950 in the garage, the latter ex Lowestoft. Rob H saw 20104 in King's Lynn at around 17.45 so it obviously came west after a stint on the X2 like 20111.

Couldn't resist a bit of clowning about tonight...................

From tonight's Eastern Evening news

Local bus company 'First Eastern Counties' have today announced that their new fleet of double decker buses plying the X1 route between Lowestoft, Yarmouth, Norwich and King's Lynn are to be officially recognised as 'White Elephants'. Spokesperson Gussy Alamein said "At first we thought it was a bit of a joke, but the enthusiasts nickname has caught on big time with our staff and management, so we thought we'd acknowledge the new double deckers popularity by placing a motif of a white elephant on the back of each new bus"

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bruce.billingham said...

20105 spare in Bus Station until 16.30 at least - didn't do schools - my fault Gerard - should have updated you on earlier sightings. Having a B10M ready to go at Kings Lynn seems like a sensible idea for X1 cover.