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Friday 13th March 2009 ~ A Few Observations

Being down south today meant that Bruce was in charge of sightings at this end, he says : "An unscheduled delivery of hay then drove a coach and horses through my morning, however L13 had a B10 on it when seen on the flyover.
At Rowan Road were 20131 (Contract 2) and 20109 (Contract 4). Strangely 30901,34950 43802 and 65531 were also present - unusual for a Friday morning. Vancouver Avenue had 37573 and 20118 freshly washed. Drove up and down Nar Ouse Way until L13 and 20105 arrived on time with Blondie driving. Went back down to Rowan and 30901 and 43802 had disappeared into service. Back at the bypass, 20107 came flying by about 5 late with K18. I followed it all the way back to Walpole Highway ( its good for 65!) and caught up 3 minutes in the process. The late 37568 lived up to its reputation on Y14, being 10 down. Saw 37565 on K5, 10 late to Peterborough but no sign of K16 which should pass at the same time.
Back at my vantage point I waited for 107 to come back - it was 14 late - but not as bad as K1 which was 27 late past me with 37563. As Standard Friday Time was now applying, I made my excuses and left the stage".
Rob Brooks also comments on 20105 on L13 saying it left Queensgate five minutes early at 21.23 on the 21.28 to King's Lynn.

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