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Tuesday 17th March 2009 ~ History Repeats Itself

In years gone by when a B12 Paragon was out of action for MOT, turn K4 would almost always get a town Scania standing in. Today with 37570 similarly sidelined, 65526 stood in on this turn. it was seen by Sam, Andrew and myself and did the whole turn.
Last nights Royale working was as expected halted at Yarmouth where (no surprises here) 20126 was substituted. Today 126 did K1 and again did the whole diagram. It was 2 late leaving wisbech at 08.39 to Lowestoft and 12 late on the 16.01 to Peterborough (thanks to Rob Brooks for the latter). A surprise today was the use of 20104 on L9 instead of the expected 37565. 104 was only seen from the offside where it has been adorned with another advert, but this time much lower on the bodyside - a bit daft as it will get quite dirty at that level. 20107 did K16 to get it back to Lowestoft tonight and K19 was I suspect a B10M to start with today, but was later 37573 as sampled by Sam on the 12.38 X2.
K17 with 20353 was viewed by Bruce 19 late westbound at lunchtime, but that apart the service ran quite punctually today.
Reports of 30900's demise were somewhat premature, as Andrew reports it back in action on the Hunstanton route today, much to the relief of the schedulers one would imagine.

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