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Tuesday March 3rd 2009 ~ Elusive B10Ms ?

Managed to see all but five of the X1 turns today. The usual crop of B9s plus B7s 20351 on K17 and 20353 on K3 - thanks to Terence for positively identifying them. I saw them both from a distance but was unable to see the numbers.
Interpolation from yesterday means L12 was 37563 and Y21 37567 unless you know different. This leaves three Lynn turns not seen, K15 which I fully expect to have been 37570, same as Monday, K19 which is normally a B10M but today was swapped at Lowestoft and 34109 was viewed by Sam and Michael in Beccles on it at lunchtime and K2 which by a process of deduction must have had a B10M. Andrew saw 20109 on Hunstantons so that can be ruled out, I wonder if it was dear old 20121 ?
K19 turned up tonight with 37578 which had earlier arrived in Lowestoft on L9. This probably means that the second part of L9 was the B10M off K19. Lots of maybes there, but one thing for sure is that Michael saw 20104 on the 15.08 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 tonight. Most services ran near to time today, but L12 11.01 Wisbech - Peterborough was at least 10 late.

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