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Friday March 27th 2009 ~ Friday Meltdown

37574 heading for Lowestoft on K1 this morning. No less than nine B9s now have the Mars Planets advert as seen here.
"What happened to the service today, was it another Friday meltdown ?" asks Rob Brooks. Well sort of Rob. The Profiles got themselves into a muddle and a Gemini fault added to the delays caused by Friday traffic. Firstly K4 had 20351 which worked to Peterborough and back before being swapped - it would seem for sister 20353. Certainly 351 was in Vancouver Avenue around 13.00 as it was seen there by Bruce who also spotted 37571 back from 'Full Circle'. The next operational problem occurred when 37572 on K3 was unable to do its booked 13.59 departure to PB and 37571 was called upon to take over. 37572 was then given the OK to relieve 20353 on K4 which was then on its third bus of the day ! Part of the reason for the above is that 20351/3 both had services at Vancouver Avenue during the idle parts of their day. 20351 was then sent out on the second part of K20 which takes it light to Norwich. This is the third successive day that K20b has been a B7.

Friday traffic did little to help punctuality. As is often the case things were pretty OK until lunchtime, the following were then noted at Walpole by Bruce. L13 -12 with 37578, K16 -23 with 37564, K17 -9 with 20109 and K18 -12 with 37566. After this things were a shambles for a while. K7 15.31 Wisbech - Peterborough was 10 late with 37573, but the next westbound service due at 16.01 was 39 late past Bruce with 37574 which had been dead on time on the 08.39 to Lowestoft. tailing it was K2, itself 11 late with 37575. At Wisbech 575 overtook 574 ! Rob Brooks was one of a crowd waiting at Queensgate for the 16.58 to Lowestoft and says "37575 arrived Queensgate from Wisbech 1727, then loaded up upwards of 60 people. 37574 arrived at 1730 and headed to the railway station. 37575 departed at 1735" .
K19, the X2 turn was today 20121, while L12 had 20103. Only absent Gemini was the disgraced 37570.

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