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Thursday 12th March 2009 ~ More B9s ??

Alan sent a message the other day to ask if I'd heard anything about the X1 route acquiring three more deckers. I haven't actually, but it did seem odd that the initial delivery was cut to 17 from 20 and as a consequence a small contingent of B10Ms continue in frontline service. The poor availability of the three B7s hasn't helped of course and the increase to 22 diagrams from next month will increase the pressure on existing resources unless other vehicles are forthcoming.
Today 20103 was K18 and 20107 L13. The two Profiles available were 20351 which came back from Yarmouth on Y10 and 20353 on K4, the early bath turn. 20109 had its MOT today and should be back on the road now. 20104 was out on the X2.

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