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Saturday 14th March 2009 ~ More Rumours

Following on from the remarks in Thursday's blog, Sam says "One theory/rumour I've heard floating around (which would make a lot of sense) is that the 5 07 B7TL Geminis would go your way and it makes sense. Only thing is they would need a speed upgrade and tachos and possibly a seat upgrade (although the Scanias have yuck seating!)"
Today B10Ms were still performing with 20103 on K18 and 20107 on L13, the same two turns which they worked on Thursday ! B7 20351 was sent out on K6 which ends up at Lowestoft, but it was swapped at some point for a Gemini (believed to be 37570 off servicing). 20351 had a problem with a steering cable. Meanwhile 20352 remains waiting a Turbo at Rowan Road. 20353 was K4 again today. 37563/7/71 all apparently need their maximum speed increased, which is strange because I assumed they had all been done.

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