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Wednesady 25th March 2009 ~ The unexplained

20104 was despatched from Lynn on K16, a Lowestoft terminator today. Other B10Ms out were 20109 on K19, which was 20121 yesterday. Today 121 was seen on K7 14.59 Lynn - Peterborough with Blondie at the helm. It is doubtful if it started out on this turn. Two Geminis were missing from sightings today, vis 37570 and 37574. One of these stood in for a B7 on K17 while the other presumably began on K7. This left K20 with 20351 as 20352 was on L11 having done a Lowestoft overnight.
B9s confirmed with the Planets/Bob Books combination of ads are now 37563/66/67/69/76/79.
John W contacted me to say that my assumption that 20121 had done L11 forward from Lynn on Monday morning was incorrect as he viewed it travelling west bound near Swaffham. It did the early part of K20 so should have returned from Norwich light rather than in service.

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