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Saturday March 28th 2009 ~ Otherwise Engaged

Due to me being actively involved in a project which comes to fruition next weekend, I didn't leave the house today. This meant I was reliant on sightings from your good selves the blog readers. This is what we came up with.
Firstly Rob Brooks reported two B7s at Wisbech, namely 20352 on K4 08.01 to Peterborough and himself aboard 20353 on K7 08.09 Wisbech - Lowestoft which he took as far as Dereham.
Cheryl sent a text to report 20352 at Thorney Toll at 18.26 heading to Peterborough, which seems odd as it should have been on K4 heading to Lynn ! This would have meant it was on L9. She then saw 20103 at Guyhirn at 18.36 heading east and Rob Brooks saw this at Tilney at 19.19, so it must have been either K4 or K6 ! Bruce also glimpsed it and says he thinks it was K6.
Bruce saw 37567 on L11 this morning on time at Walpole Highway heading west at 10.20. The same bus was on L11 this afternoon as Rob Brooks reports "Eastbound from Dereham 1754 on time and full, can also report that this bus is very dirty inside, and one seat on the top here has a layer of sick on it. Not very nice!" . Oh dear Rob, not nice at all.
So there we have it, three observers who in total spotted four buses !! I think there were probably a few delays too, as there was a serious accident mid morning on the X1 route at Tilney St. Lawrence which must have meant diversions. 20353 doesn't have appeared to have lasted the course on K7 either as 20126 apparently arrived instead of it and Grahame had reported this spare at Yarmouth earlier. If anyone else can shed any light on today, it would be nice to do an update at some stage, but thanks to all who submitted sightings.

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Des Speed said...

20353 - Broken down heading Westward, seen sitting in a lay-by opposite Vauxhall Camp (Gt Yarmouth) at 14.10.