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Thursday 5th March 2009 ~ Strange Goings On

I should have known today was going to be odd when 20353 turned up on Y8 06.02 from Yarmouth as I'd predicted ! What I hadn't bargained for was that it would be taken off the 09.48 Peterboro' - Lowestoft at Lynn and (seemingly) replaced by 20118. This travelled through to LFT and then promptly did the 15.08 X2 to Norwich, leaving (presumably) a B9 to work back west on the X1. The latter is understandable as somehow, there was an imbalance of power today with there being more B9s at the east end than needed and a consequent shortage at Lynn.
Last night K3 had a swap with 37576 staying over and 37575 returning to Lynn. This morning Lynn produced single deckers for K2 : 20107. K4 : 20105 and K17 : 20351. In addition 20126 was despatched eastbound on K19, only to reappear at Wisbech at 11.30 on L13, the Norwich swap having been effected for the second day in a row. Having pondered the reason for this occasional occurence, I have come up with two theories - feel free to shoot me down in flames lol. Firstly L13 has to negotiate the Yarmouth rush hour and then gets further delayed entering Norwich so that if there are sufficient westbound passengers waiting at Norwich for an X1, the powers that be procure the K19 vehicle to run in L13s place and westbound through passengers on the 07.45 are turfed off and asked to wait a few minutes for Y14 following OR the vehicle on L13 is scheduled for servicing at Lowestoft and by changing with K19 at Norwich, the bus due for servicing can return to LFT empty. The middle part of K19 can then be covered by a Lowestoft spare vehicle with the freshly serviced B9 then doing the final part of K19. This latter explanation is more plausible I feel. Let me know what you think !
There were other mysteries today too. L11 10.31 Wisbech to Peterborough looks to have been cancelled with an unid B9 then turning up 15 late on L12 11.01 westbound. Certainly Bruce and myself failed to see L11. Only odd thing is that 37576 on L12 was only 1 minute late returning so it is possible this could have been L11 running 31 late ! More likely is that 37569 was L11 and had to be removed at Lynn. This did K20 tonight and I would guess that 37570 off the morning bit of K20 then transferred to L11 running either very late to P'bo ot restarting at Lynn at 13.12 were it unavailable at 09.59.
Michael saw 20104 on an X2 this morning and Terence saw 20103 on shuttles. Both have been absent from the mainstream X1 this week so far.
With the full compliment of B9s being available this week, a genuine effort has been made to segregate Lowestoft turns from Lynn ones. The Lynn internal diagrams are K3, K4, K7, K15 and K17 plus K19, the X2 turn. Of these theoretically, K19 is allocated a B10, K3, K4 and K17 are B7 turns while K7 and K15 get Lynn B9s. The latter two turns have been solid Lynn B9s since the appearance of 37563 on Monday February 23rd which seems to have been an isolated incident.

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