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Monday March 23rd 2009 ~ Liasons

Lowestoft have now supplied Lynn with a timetable listing their Geminis (37563-569) scheduled service dates. This week for example, 37568 is booked for Tuesday, 37569 (Wed), 37564 (Thu) and 37563 (Fri). Armed with this info, Lynn can then endeavour to get the relevant B9s in position in order that they terminate at Lowestoft as required the previous night. Services scheduled at King's Lynn this week are Mon 37571/8, Thu 20118, 20351/3 and Fri 37570/2/3 and 20352. 37571 was pulled off L11 this morning and 20121 took over for the 09.59 to Peterborough etc, although this crept past Bruce without him noticing. He did see 121 on time returning though. Meanwhile 37571 was then stopped and is now required at 'Full Circle' even though there is no noticeable bodywork fault. Whilst 20121 evaded Bruce, he did spot an unidentified B9 (believed to be 37576 on K6) running eastbound on the Walton Highway bypass at 10.24. Quite why this was necessary is unknown.
20351 on K4 was required for repairs to its steering today and it came off at 10.07 for 20109 to work the rest of the turn. 109 was 2 early leaving Wisbech on the 17.01 to P'bo. Andy sent me a text this afternoon to say that a revived 20351 was on the Fairstead service - definitely a first time for that.
B10M 20104 with its ridiculously positioned Internet Opportunities ad was on L13 today. It was six late at lunchtime, but on time tonight. 20103 did indeed replace 37573 yesterday as we thought and today it did K19 (X2 turn) but then came out of Lowestoft on L9 14.55 X1 to Peterborough. 37567 which incidentally has the same new combination of adverts as 576 and 579 came in tonight on K19, so quite plausibly may have worked L9 this morning.
The day wasn't quite finished for the B10Ms though as tonight 20121 was summoned to Lynn bus station to work either the 20.59 or 21.59 to Peterborough. 37569 was the only absent B9 today. 37568 is now the only B9 to retain the rear emissions ad.

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