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Wednesday 18th March 2009 ~ Who Let The Dog Out ?

There were plenty of other awful header lines I could have used after todays debacle.......
The day began with K1 being worked by 37571 which was 3 early for its 08.47 stop at Walton Highway. Earlier Bruce had espied K5 with 37564, the first westbound departure from Lynn already 7 late going to Peterborough, but on time returning. 564 had done K18 yesterday but then did the last part of K7 to bring it back to Lynn. 37572 which had done K7 yesterday remained at Lowestoft overnight and came out this morning on L13, however, it was removed at Lynn and replaced by 20109 so that a B9 could be provided for the second half of K20.
So what you may ask did the morning part of K20 ? Well this was 37574 which on its return from Norwich empty was commandeered to take L9 11.42 King's Lynn to Lowestoft instead. L9 came out of Lowestoft with 20118 but this became the first service to become embroiled in the days farce.
Police decided to close the A47 between Wisbech and Guyhirn sometime after 11.00 because of a Rottweiler on the loose which had attacked two members of the public. Fearing it would cause an accident by running into the road, the A47 then shut until around 16.30 whilst the hound was tracked down and eventually sedated by using a dart ! (that's the poison type not the Dennis type). You couldn't make it up could you ? Quite how 118 got involved is unknown, but it didn't return whereas Y8 and Y10, the two services either side of L9 both returned with 37569 and 37577 respectively. L12 which by all accounts was 20104 didn't work west of Lynn at all.
By 13.00 considerable disruption was being caused, 20109 on L13 seemed to escape the worst of the delays, being 10 late through Walpole going west and 18 late returning, seen by Bruce, but Y14 with 20103 passed Bruce at 14.20 (due 13.48) on the 12.48 P'bo - Lowestoft. Tonight it had reclaimed all its lost time though and was on time coming into Lynn to work the 20.59 to Peterborough. Next along was K15 (37578) and I saw this leaving Wisbech on the North Brink at 13.02 (30 late) to reach Guyhirn via Wisbech St. Mary. It was further hampered and passed Bruce 53 late at 15.11 heading east. Subsequent westbound services ran roughly to time into Wisbech and these were : K16 37568, K17 37576, K18 37563, K3 20353 and K5 still with 37564. Much time was lost however and at one stage in excess of an hour passed between Bruce witnessing eastbound services. This barren spell was broken by the return of 20353 at 17.26, a massive 68 late. Meanwhile K7 14.59 Lynn - Peterborough had Scania 65532 which was standing in for B9 37573 which had encountered problems. K1 following left Wisbech eleven late on the 16.01 to Peterborough but due to a communication breakdown took the normal route only to be turned back at Cromwell Road roundabout whence it took the bypass and A1101 to return to the Horsefair. It then eventually took up its return working at 17.39 to Lowestoft. By the time 37566 left Wisbech at 16.31, the A47 had reopened and some sort of normality resumed. K4 had yet again started the day with a Scania (65526) but this was swapped at Lynn during the day for a rejuvenated 20352.
Andrew now takes up the story and viewing proceedings at Lynn from around 15.00 he saw
K5 1712 to Lowestoft go out with 20118 off schools at 1738 - 26 late. The next Lowestoft left at 1748 with 20353 which should have been the 16.42 and was therefore 66 late, this then turned into 1742 departure. The 18.12 eastbound left on time with 37571 and Scania 65532 came in at 1810 - 32 late for the 1742 to Lowestoft and this was then taken off the X1. 37564 came in 'out of service' at 1751 and should have been K5 due in at 17.07. This then retired to the garage and all this because of an unruly dog !!
The other Profile, 20351 did K19 this morning but was replaced by Lowestoft's 37565 for the rest of the turn. Gemini 37570 looks ready for MOT, so this may take place tomorrow.

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