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Sunday 15th March 2009 ~ Sunny Hunny

The lack of heating on the Geminis would not have been noticeable today as the temperature was in the mid teens. Hordes of people descended on Hunstanton and traffic paralysis resulted. X1 services were affected too by being unable to gain access to the Hardwick roundabout and a long queue developed. Mid afternoon the 15.59 from Lynn to Peterborough was 17 late with 37563 and an hour later 37564 was 9 late through Walpole when viewed by Bruce and myself. 564 is the first Gemini to have received an advert on the passenger side, this being for 'The Haunting In Connecticut'. 37567/79 were noted today with the exhaust emissions ad still in situ, but it seems to have been removed from the majority of B9s.
B9s in operation today were 37563/4/5/6/7/8, 37572/5/9.

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