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Wednesday 11th March 2009 ~ 20121 -Did It work ??

It took a little while for me to find the solution to yesterday's conundrum regarding K2. Today, the answer became apparent. 37568 was required at Lowestoft for an overdue service. but it was on a turn which ended up at Lynn. With this in mind, 37568 was taken off Y14 and rested until 18.42 when it relieved 37566 on K2 which ends up at Lowestoft. Only question was, what did the remainder of Y14 ? The answer would appear to be 20121 ! I base this on the fact that no other Excel vehicle was available and it was absent when Rob H & I paid a visit to Lynn last night. Today it had returned and did Hunstanton schools contract 4, the others being 20131 (5) and 20118 (2).
Richard's absence has meant more strange rostering at Lynn, today for example, Lowestoft's 37565 stood in for a B7 Profile on K3 and the vehicle which should have done this, 20353 was sent out on K19 ! The second day in a row K19 has started with a Profile. Thanks to some fortuitous sightings, we know that Sam saw 20351 laying over at Norwich and Terence likewise at Lowestoft. He then saw it take over K1 in a similar move to yesterday. Meanwhile 20104 which had come in on K1 was despatched to Lowestoft garage for repairs. Yesterday it was 20353 which did this strange manouevre and today this worked back on L11.
Joining 20104 today were 20103 which was spot on time all day with L13 and K4 had 20105 which was also on time both morning and evening. 20352 remained on restricted work today while Michael saw 20107 on the X2. At Lynn 20109 had a journey out to Bexwell on MOT test.
The rear adverts on the B9s are disappearing quickly. 37578 has now joined 37572 in the privileged pool of buses completely devoid of external advertising.
K16 was today's timekeeping 'turkey' and 37579 was 19 late through Walsoken heading west at lunchtime. Closely following it was the 'late lady driver' with 37572 on K17 one minute early. She will in future be referred to as 'the driver formerly known as late' !
Mileages on the B9s seem pretty uniform. Last night 37571 was showing 45415 miles and tonight 37568 had 45578 on the clock.

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