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Monday 16th March 2009 ~ A Busy Morning

A well overdue picture from the eastern end - this is 37565 photographed by Grahame at Market Gates (Great Yarmouth) on 18th February before it received an advert and when it still had a 'P' in Peterborough ! Photo : Grahame Bessey.
The new and the old ! 37566 (note the bold font fleet number affixed after accident damage) departs Lynn with the 12.29 to Peterborough and passes 20118 which was ready to work the 12.42 eastbound.

A nice photo for B10M fans. Passengers for the 12.42 Lynn - Lowestoft board 20118, while behind is 37576 which had arrived from Peterborough and which then departed for the garage to later work K20.

37575 departing Lynn on Y10 12.12 to Lowestoft complete with new nearside advert.

New transfer 30900 surprised me at lunchtime - here it is seen departing for Hunstanton.
It was a busy morning at King's Lynn when I paid a visit today. Richard was back at work and consequently K3 and K17 reverted to their usual vehicles, namely the two serviceable Profiles. 20352 had gone from Rowan Road and wasn't at the garage either, so it may have gone to Volvo.

Swaps were happening thick and fast. Firstly at Norwich where K19's 20107 was switched and put on to L13 so that the vehicle which had started at Lowestoft at 07.45 could return for servicing. 107 was 14 late at Tilney on the 10.59 Lynn - Peterborough, but bang on time returning with Blondie driving. 37577 began the day on K4 but was swapped at Lynn with Scania 65531 which then worked the 10.12 Lynn - Lowestoft witnessed by John W. 577 then took over L12 07.15 ex Lowestoft from 37574 which was due for servicing. 577 was 23 late going west and about 13 late returning. 37574 must then have had the quickest service on record as it was hastily sent back to the bus station to work L9 11.42 Lynn - Lowestoft taking over from 37570 which retired to Vancouver Avenue garage for MOT prep. Yes really ! This is because the MOTs on the Geminis are having to be staggered, 570 is the first to be dealt with and will be having an MOT after just five months in traffic.

The changes weren't finished as 37576 on L11 11.18 ex Peterborough came off at Lynn for 20118 to work forward to Lowestoft. This was to provide cover for the afternoon part of K20, the morning Norwich turn which returns light having been undertaken by our old friend 20121. Later in the afternoon 65531 was removed from K4 and 20109 did the 16.29 Lynn - Peterborough running 14 minutes late.

20103 worked Y14 today, but Syd says it had a fuel leak on arrival at Lowestoft this evening and Royale 34114 took the 17.55 to Peterborough. It was due to be replaced at Yarmouth.
Sam saw Gemini 37573 in Norwich around 11.00 this morning with 'First' on the blinds. This was the wrong time for it to be on Y21, so quite what it was doing there is a mystery. There was an imbalance of power again today and Lowestoft/Yarmouth ended up with 37567/69/73 with only Y21 and K19 left to cover. Presumably the other one relieved 34114 at Yarmouth tonight.
In addition to 37564, 37579 has also had the 'Haunting' advert affixed to its passenger side. The Hunstanton services took another step towards becoming low floor operated today with the entry into service of 30900 and this as well as 30901 were seen in action. Unfortunately 30900 was subsequently involved in an incident this afternoon which may well see it sidelined for sometime. Meanwhile 34950 which is due to be retired tomorrow was also earning a few pennies.
You know what they say - you don't get a blog photo for weeks then five turn up at once ;+)

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