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Sunday 8th March 2009 ~ Blindingly Obvious

Took Jamie R up to Walpole Highway for the 09.17 to Peterborough this morning. It was 37573 which has had its incorrect destination glass replaced by the correct one at last. When seen yesterday, 37565 was still showing 'Owestoft' and 'Eterborough' so let's hope it gets 'Ixed' soon !
An all B9 worked service today with 37563/4/7-71/3/6 in traffic. 564 had been absent since Thursday. 570 was 14 late on the 16.59 Lynn - Peterborough and 569 has lost its rear ad. the latter sounded poorly when it departed Lynn on the 21.42 to Lowestoft and sure enough was in Vancouver Avenue garage as I left to come home, still with passengers aboard.
37574 was removed from L11 last night as it had a faulty ignition switch and has loose ball bearings.
20105/18 were absent from Lynn on rail replacement duty this evening and one for Andrew, 30901 left on the 21.35 to Fairstead, very unusual to get a decker on a Sunday but it was probably due to the mart fair being in town.

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Andrew said...

Hi Gerard, that is very unusual to have a decker on anything on a Sunday (except X1 of course!) so to hear of one on 42s is very odd! Thanks. Andy.