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Monday 2nd March 2009 ~ Welcome Back 121

20121 hiding behind a Scania in Lynn bus station this afternoon, but still with '5' on the blinds !
20118 standing in for a B7 AND 37577 today on K17. What a venerable vehicle !!!

37573 on its way to pick up Bruce on L13. He didn't realise it was his bus as it didn't have X1 on the front ! (Sorry Bruce, only joking).

Yes 20121 has gone back into traffic today and was ready to do a schools turn this afternoon having received an operating disc. It was viewed by Bruce and myself this afternoon, see picture and Richard says it may well appear on the X1 if required. For the record, its last noted appearance on an X1 was on 15th December when John W saw it removed and replaced by a Gemini. The following day it did Hunstanton schools contract No. 5 and was then taken out of traffic. Pretty astonishingly despite a visit to Scotland, it appeared back at Lynn still with '5' on the blinds, as indeed it had this afternoon.
20107 which worked yesterday today did K19, the X2 turn. Profile 20352 is still poorly and was seen crawling down the Lynn eastern bypass this afternoon to do its Hunstanton schools duty, still minus a functioning turbo. 37577 began the day on K17 while 20118 did K20, however, at lunchtime a swap took place and 37577 came off K17 with 20118 going forward to P'bo. 37577 then did the second part of K20. K17 is of course normally booked for a B7, but with 352 out of general commision, today the other two turns were : K3 20353 and K4 20351.
Bruce had a trip to Lynn today on L13 with 37573, which was being driven quite gingerly and therefore he didn't feel as sick as when he had 37579 driven at speed. He came back on K4 with 351 which (as usual) was making some pretty peculiar noises.
Richard confirms that after a lot of work, 20120 did get to Scotland as did 20505. Turns not seen today were L11 & L12 (37564/5?) and Y8 + Y21 (37566/570?).

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