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Sunday March 29th 2009 ~ Sunday Outing

"Look what I've found ! " - It's Bruce and his baby.
37571, one of two Geminis without any advertising (the other being 37572) alongside sister vehicle 37577 at Rowan Road this afternoon.

Part of the relief X1 fleet seen at Rowan Road this afternoon. 20121/131/109/107.

37567, hopefully cleaned up after Saturday heading east on the 10.18 from Peterborough this morning. Perhaps they shouldn't be encouraging punters to eat chocolates due to their riding qualities ?

After yesterdays heavy showers, today was in contrast almost wall to wall sunshine. Having previously read elsewhere that there were possibly some Tridents coming to Saddlebow compound for storage, Bruce and myself went out this afternoon to investigate.
We didn't find any Tridents, however, the compound was full of interest. From an X1 point of view, there were two B9s which had arrived late last night, 37571/7 and no less than seven B10Ms resting in the sunshine. These were 20105/7/9/18/21/26/31. The big surprise of course was 126 (see Saturday blog). The Lynn fleet of double deckers which work schools and the Hunstanton route now numbers just six, these are 34155/7, 30900/1, 34921/33. The latter two are the oldest and fellow campaigner 34901 was taken out of service on Tuesday after its gearbox gave up at West Newton. Surprisingly for a Sunday 30900 was seen heading from the bus station back to Saddlebow, so whether it was just a taxi or it had been in service is not known. Back at Vancouver Avenue garage, only occupants were 30901 (MOT), 65525, and two B7s, 20351/2.
On the X1, today's service was entirely B9 worked by 37564/5/7/8/72/3/6/8/9. 37568 has now been given a Planets advert bringing the number of B9s carrying this to ten.

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