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Bank Holiday Sunday/Monday 24/25 May 2009

37569 heads east through Tilney on Sunday evening. The pink advert is sponsored by Norfolk County Council and is encouraging people to vote in the forthcoming elections !!
The Bank Holiday weather was actually good ! 37571 heads for Peterborough on Sunday.

The sun shone today for 20105's private hire and the A47 became its usual crawl. Bruce reports a continuous queue either crawling or stationary from Wisbech B & Q Roundabout all the way to Thorney Bypass where traffic was queueing in both lanes to gain access to the single carriageway.
Seen amongst the hopeful trippers was 37573 between Thorney Toll and Guyhirn at 11.05, at which time it should have been the other side of Wisbech. The next eastbound service was also heavily delayed. Because of the traffic there were some changes at the Lowestoft end. 37573 on K3 noted above was changed for 37569, the latter had gone over on K8 and was changed for 37565.
As half expected dear old 20104 did the business on Y5 for the second successive Sunday. 37570 had a day off at Vancouver Avenue today and received a replacement destination glass after it had shattered .

Delays weren't as heavy today and the service was (I think) an entirely Gemini operated one. Latest service seen at this end was K6 09.48 from Lowestoft with 37579 having replaced whatever Lynn turned out. It was seen passing through Walpole Highway 15 minutes late with a driver obviously intent on making up time. K1 08.10 from Peterborough had 37565 which I am pleased to report bore the destination 'Lowestoft' so it would seem its recent lay off has seen its destination indicator repaired. On arrival there it was held over to return on K2 while another swap involved 37570 which was firstly seen on K2 but later had dropped two hours and was on Y4 in place of 37573. The Geminis seen in service toady were 37563/5/9/70/1/3/5/8/9.

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