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Saturday 16th May 2009 ~ 107 The Legend

The beast/stalker, 20107 gets underway from Wisbech on the 17.18 to Peterborough this evening.
As reported here recently, Gemini 37567 now has a large font destination display. It is seen here at lunchtime passing through Walpole Highway on K16 09.55 from Lowestoft. The blog of April 25th includes a photo of 567 with the narrower style destination display.

Well first of all 20107 was nicknamed 'The Beast' by Bruce and now Jamie Robinson has christened it 'The Stalker' on account of the fact that it seems to follow him everywhere. This morning he caught Y6 the first X1 from Yarmouth with Wayne driving B7 20352 and en route texted to say that "Stalker 107 is close and personal with the 36 Stagecoach - they look like good frends !". I guess I will never understand the youth of today, but yes 107 was out again, this time on K4 08.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft and it was not the only B10M out today. 20103 did L11 07.25 from Lowestoft and 20104 was on K18 07.00 Wisbech - Lowestoft etc. The B7 Profiles were busy too with 20352 on Y6 as mentioned, however, it looks to have swapped turns during the day as Bruce saw a B7 on K19 this afternoon and it is thought that this was 352 as the other two were accounted for, 351 on K5 and 353 on K3.
This left 13 of the 17 B9s to cover everything else. 37575 on L10 and 37578 on Y9 were noted with new nearside adverts affixed overnight for Pepsi Raw Cola today. 37570 (K1) has also gained the rear Kwikfit advert. Timekeeping was good today with light traffic throughout in contrast to yesterday. Last night late running meant 20104 on K16 which was due to die at Lowestoft was then sent back on K17c and 37575 which came in on K17 went to Lowestoft depot instead. Likewise 37567 on K18 was sent back to Lynn on K19c with 20352 off K19 retiring to Yarmouth garage. Another swap occurred today when 37579 took L12 forward from Lynn at 11.15 relieving whatever had brought it in - possibly 20105.


ECBusman said...

I was meaning to ask you this earlier but forgot to do so - what exactly do you mean by 'Full Circle'?
Also, while I am here, do you know what has happened to 20140 after it was withdrawn and is it actually still owned by FEC (or should that be FEE)? Just one last thought, as I saw 20118/40 in their original livery, do you have/know of any pictures of the other B10Ms in their original livery when brand spanking new to the X94/5 (or whatever the route was before it was named X94/5) and could you upload them so everyone can see what was, to me atleast, was the Heyday of the X94/5 - if you understand what I am trying to say. Terence.

Gerardtcc said...

Right where do we start here ? Well firstly 'Full Circle' are a commercial vehicle body repair shop not too far from Norwich. They seem to be doing most of the bodywork repairs on Geminis at the moment. Dear old 20140 went to the scrapyard as far as I am aware. The X1 is the antecedent of the 794and more recently X94. Going back even further into Eastern Counties days and the route was split into several different service numbers. Norwich to Lynn was the 34, while the Lynn - Peterborough service was numbered 336. I personally don't have any old pictures, but keep your eyes open as I will try and get some. G