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Friday 29th May 2009 ~ A Temporary Solution

Yarmouth's 20126 has probably never been such a regular X1 performer. She is seen arriving at Wisbech on Y6 on time this morning to work at 08.48 to Peterborough. I think Bernie has spotted me !

Following yesterday's accident which has taken 37571 off the road for some considerable time , or maybe even permanently, today's service was patched up by using B10M coaches normally used on Schools work. This option will not be available next week of course.

In chronological order then, 20109 was K3 for the third day running and was seen leaving Wisbech 14 late at just after 5pm tonight, which is not bad for a Friday. K4, a turn which ends up at Lowestoft began the day with 20131, however after doing a trip to Peterborough this was removed and tonight 37579 was on this turn which finishes at Lowestoft. 20131 was then used to work K17 at 13.45 from Lynn to Peterborough, presumably replacing a B9. K5 had 20105 all day and the first turn from Yarmouth (Y6) was 20126 which also stuck all day taking it back to Lowestoft tonight. One more B10M working today was 20103 on L11. Profile 20353 remains off the road (again) and 20351 was used on K16 with 20352 coming over on Y13. Geminis which were not seen in service today were 37563/74/77 as well as 571 of course.

Timekeeping was pretty good for a Friday and worst delay was caused by an accident at Goosetree on the A141 which led to traffic queueing back to beyond Guyhirn on the A47. 37564 got caught up in this and was seen departing from Wisbech at 09.56 (about 4 late) and returning east at the same spot two hours later at 11.56 (due 11.18). Later in the afternoon Bruce, who had been on a trip to Acle, saw 564 heading empty down the Norwich southern bypass with 'Sorry Not In Service' on the front. Services from the east were less affected and worst performer was K14 with 37567 which was 20 late.

More congestion due to roadworks at Eye Green on the Crowland Road meaning tailbacks onto the A47 resulted in some delay to services this afternoon. Returning services eastbound seen at Wisbech were 37575 on K15 running 10 late, 20351 on K16 17 late, 20131 on K17 26 late and 37572 on K18 just 8 late.
A quick postcript to yesterday's accident and it was announced today that the lady driver who was unfortunately killed was a 47 year old from Bretton. The 71 year old victim hurt was a bus passenger injured whilst trapped between the seats of the upper deck.

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