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Wednesday 27th May 2009 ~ Availability

I think a few months ago we actually had a day where the X1 service in its entirety was worked by Gemini B9s and Profile B7s. With 19 turns to cover, 20 buses is always going to be a tight call. Today for example, three B10Ms were out : 20103 came out of Lowestoft on L10 followed just 30 minutes later by L11 with 20104. At the Lynn end 20109 was initially reported at Peterborough by Rob Brooks on K3 and it worked all day on this turn which finishes at Lynn at around 19.00
Profile 20353 spent the day at Vancouver Avenue on a service/repairs and 20352 started the day on K4, however it needed a scheduled service too and at some point of the day was replaced by sister 20351.
There were no real blips in the timekeeping stakes, much as yesterday and ten minutes seemed to be the maximum delay.

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