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Wednesday 6th May 2009 ~ Profile Matters

Ryan says some work has taken place on 20353 at Yarmouth garage but that it has now been shunted to the rear of the premises again. The two still in service were again on Lynn internal diagrams today, but instead of doing K3 & K5, they were tried on K15 (due to finish at 22.44) for 20352 and 20351 on K17 (due 23.44). The Volvo/Wright B10 60863 was sent out on K14 which ends up at Lowestoft. B10Ms out were 20104 on Y13, 20109 on K3 and 20127 on K1. In addition, beast 107 started the day on K4 but this was taken off at Lowestoft and diverted on to the X2 (seen by Sam). 37566 replaced it on the 13.25 from Lowestoft.
37577 once again didn't appear from Lowestoft, so one senses it must have a fault. 37576 was serviced today.
Sam also reports that 20103 has had its MOT now and was also out on the X2s today.

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