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Thursday 7th May 2009 ~ A Panel Game

Far be it from me to cast aspersions as to the prowess of some 'First' drivers - after all several read and contribute to this blog, but the rate at which Geminis are returning for bodywork repairs is greater than one might expect. I will put this down to careless motorists ! Today 37575 returned to traffic commendably quickly after its recent prang, but now 37574 has made its way to 'Full Circle' for what is descibed as accident damage repairs. I imagine this means just having a few panels beaten back into shape, but I could be mistaken. Funny how firstly 576 went, then 575 and now 574 - I detect a pattern here !
37575 was put on to K17 from Lynn this morning, but ended up on K16. I think this was because K16 with 37567 was running very late and went through to Lowestoft, while K17 with 575 was stopped short at Yarmouth and then worked back west as K16. K17 itself instead of returning as one might expect with 37567, was sent out with 20103 as the 10.25 from Lowestoft. 37568 on Y7, which is the 14.40 arrival at Lowestoft was then in turn replaced by 37567 on the 14.55. This turn is the first one to terminate at Lynn at 18.07.
Other events on a fairly ordinary day and indeed with the exception of the 37567 incident related above, an excellent one for punctuality were the return of 37577 which did L10 07.05 from Gorleston etc. Y13 08.15 from Lowestoft utilising 20126 and 20104 working K1 diagram which finishes at Yarmouth. This meant 20107 had a rest from X1s for a change. After yesterday's experiment, the Profiles returned to their regular turns with 20351 on K5 and 20352 on K3.
The small adverts for graduates of the UEA on the back of some B9s are affixed to 37563/66/73/74/79. Passenger side adverts for Cadbury's Twisted now adorn 37565/576/7.
37564 retains its 'New In Town' ad and 37577 that for 'The Young Victoria' and are the last two B9s with these ads.
Finally I'm off to the BBC again tomorrow, so any sightings will be appreciated if you are out and about. Thanks to Bruce, Rob B, Terence, Peter, Sam, Michael and Wayne for info this week and apologies to anyone I've missed. Good luck to Des tomorrow when he takes a Routemaster from Yarmouth to King's Lynn for a Private Hire. I'm sure he'd appreciate a few pictures if you spot him en route. He is due off Yarmouth at 10.30.

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