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Thursday 21st May 2009 ~ Have I Got A Blog For You ?

Hague, Harris or Billingham ??

Well, no I haven't actually ! I am up off my sickbed for this one and having not left the house all day, we have a guest presenter (I know I'm ill now because I just typed a guset presenter !). We couldn't afford William Hague or Rolf Harris so its over to Bruce Billingham ........
Thursday Blog or a day in the life of Walpole Highway's Express Service

Well the Blogman is poorly so his Deputy has been on duty today. X1s SHOULD pass each other outside the bungalow at xx.04 and xx.34,
So chronologically:-
08.01 37575 on K1 to Lynn
08.34 37563 on Y6 to PB and 37579 on K2 to Lynn
09.04 37564 on Y7 to PB
09.09 20352 on K3 to Lynn 5 late
09.41 37567 7 late on L8 to PB and 37568 7 late on K4 to Lynn
10.04 20351 on K5 but no Y9 passed through the village - see below
10.34 37565 3 late on L10 to PB
10.46 37563 now 12 late on Y6 to Lynn
11.08 37576 4 late on L11 to PB
11.12 37564 now 8 late on Y7 to Lynn
11.34 37569 on L12 to PB
11.38 37567 now 4 late on L8 to Lynn
12.04 20353 on Y13 to PB
12.08 20103 4 late to Lynn on the missing Y9
12.34 37577 on K14 to PB
Lunch Break
13.34 37566 to PB on K16 and 37569 to Lynn on L12
14.04 37573 to PB on K17 and 20353 to lynn on Y13
14.34 37572 to PB on K18 and 37577 on K14 to lynn
15.04 37571 to PB on K19 and 37570 on K15 to Lynn

Well I thought that was enough - all 19 turns: 15 B9s,( 574/8 missing), 3 B7s and 20103 flying the flag when it wasn't flying down our bypass.
Except K4 sounded odd tonight so a quick observation of the flyover revealed no top deck but B10 rear lights disappearing. A vigil at 19.00 revealed K4 was now 20104, having deposed 37568 sometime during the day.
Sanity tomorrow - I am going to Rowan Road !

Thanks for doing all that Bruce, I guess you've never mowed the front lawn so much ! A couple of comments now and 37565 is back after a week, so almost certainly an MOT I would think. Punctuality was good apart from the missing Y9 to Peterborough in the morning. Last nights Profile sighting on K2 must have been a B10M which just worked to Peterborough and back. 20105 worked K1 from Wisbech to Lynn after rescuing 20121 for 37563 forward. During the morning Sam had seen 563 in service with a smashed destination screen glass. He also noted 20107 on the 8:38 X2 from Norwich. Today Michael saw 20104 on the 10.08 X2 from Lowestoft and as Bruce says this later replaced 568 on K4.

Finally Ryan reports that on Monday night Yarmouth garage was having asbestos removed off the pits. "This meant we lost 8 spaces and thought it was going to be an unusual night. It started ok till 20128 turned up from Norwich as a spare, then 20129 turned up for the night (both these are driver trainers) . We then expected a white mountain would turn up but no -instead 3 more B10s turned up in a row 20126 20127 and 20103 then the next was a mountain 37573. We are then expecting another mountain but no its 20104 ! Trying to park them was a total nightmare as the B10Ms are longer than the B9s. Thank goodness the last one was white mountain 37563. We also have 3 buses here that should be taken away to the bus depot in the sky : 30106 tri axel , 46601 dart and 40288 dart".

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