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Wednesday 13th May 2009 ~ Balancing act

Just recently there have been several days where the balance of B10Ms and Geminis between Lynn and Lowestoft/Yarmouth has been one sided. Today for example, Lowestoft in contrast to yesterday produced all B9s for the X1 : L8 577, L10 569, L11 565 & L12 568. Such was the availability that 563 was also turned out on the X2, in fact on the former K19 turn. King's Lynn meanwhile had more B10Ms than required and sent out 20103 on K1, 20104 on K14 and 20126 on K16. With 37563 out on the X2, when 37564 arrived at Lowestoft due for maintenance on the new K19 turn, 20107 was sent out on the second half of this and thus ended up at Lynn tonight.
Ryan reports 20352 at Yarmouth today and 37570 returned in its place yesterday and had an exam at Lynn today after beginning the day on K4, it was replaced by 37573 also off a scheduled service. Another Gemini back at Lynn and due back on the road shortly is 37574 which is back from 'Full Circle'. B10M 20121 is currently having a new alternator fitted at Lynn.

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