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Tuesday 12th May 2009 ~ Three out of four aint bad !

In a surprise move, this morning Lowestoft who provide four X1 vehicles to start the day sent out three B10Ms. There was little indication of what was to come when 37566 was seen on L8, but later three consecutive coaches were seen. L10 had 20103, L11 20126 and L12 20104. The reason was the non-availability of 37565/9, but at least one of these was seen on the X2 this afternoon (seen by Sam's sister).
King's Lynn also sent a B10M out with 20107 working K16 which finishes at Lowestoft. Two B7s were out, these being 20351 on K3 and 20353 on K5.
In all four Geminis were absent today, these being 37565/9/70/4. Late tonight Y13 which had been 37564 was seen entering Thorney on the final westbound service about 15 minutes late with 37567.

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