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Tuesday 26th May 2009 ~ A Joint Effort

Between us, Bruce and myself managed to account for all 19 X1 turns today. Geminis not in evidence were 37568/74. The latter has been appropriated for an MOT at King's Lynn and this is scheduled for Thursday. 568 went into Lowestoft on Saturday with K16. 37569 had a short day today, it is believed to have worked the first leg of K15 to Lowestoft where it was replaced by 37573.
37567 was L10 today but was unable to work the 19.50 King's Lynn - Peterborough, so 37570 which arrived at about this time on L11 was substituted. Profile 20353 spent the day at Lynn on a service, while 20351/2 did the regular B7 turns - K3 & K5. With 20353 unavailable, K18 was worked by 20109 (not a problem with schools on holiday), however this turn ends up at Yarmouth and as their 20126 was working Y13, a clever swap was arranged. 109 completed K18 in Yarmouth at 19.20 and then waited for Y13 to arrive with 126. 109 then took over Y13 at 19.40 as the last turn to Peterborough, keeping everyone happy. Another diagram worked by a B10M today was K2 which had 20104.
Further east B10Ms keep busy with Neville reporting 20126/7 on consecutive X1 turns heading for Yarmouth through Acle between 16.30 & 17.00. 126 presumably being on Y13 (see above).

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