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Sunday 31st May 2009 ~ The Wright Seatbelt ?

The seatbelts fitted to the Gemini B9s are tested regularly as one might expect, but there is currently a problem obtaining replacements as Wrights have changed suppliers. As a result 37578 is now out of service awaiting repairs as previously mentioned, but also with some of its belts removed to enable other B9s to keep on the road ! Meanwhile 37571 is in secure accommodation in the Wisbech area awaiting a VOSA inspection.
Today's service was B9 operated although some swapping of turns did take place at Lowestoft. 37579 for example went over on K7 07.35 from Lynn but returned on the 11.48 from Lowestoft instead of the 10.48. Thanks to Terence for this information. 37563/579 appeared with new ads for Nokia today. These have a green background as opposed to the blue one used recently. 37579 was the last Gemini to still carry the Mars Planets ad. Thanks also to Rob Brooks for sightings today, B9s noted were 37563/64/66/69/70/73/76/79.

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