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Sunday 3rd May 2009 ~ Getting Into GEAR

37564 departs Wisbech about 10 late on the 18.22 to Peterborough this evening. Rob Brooks keeping a low profile and hiding from the camera ! Oh and yes it still has its 'New In Town' ad in situ on the other side.
Today was the 'Great East Anglia Run' (GEAR) which brought King's Lynn to a stand for much of the morning. London Road was closed and diversions were in process. This coupled with more paralysis at the Hardwick roundabout as hordes descended on Hunstanton because of the good weather meant the X1 was heavily delayed.

Bruce spotted 20104 'tanking' down the A47 Lynn bypass from Hardwick to Saddlebow and forewarned I saw it near Terrington flailing along to some fine tune with Blondie at the helm. It passed Walpole Highway en route to Peterborough at 11.32 (due 11.08) so had actually done quite well. It is fairly unusual to get a B10M out on a Sunday of course. During the afternoon things were even worse with Bruce seeing the 10.48 from Lowestoft going through 38 minutes late, while the 11.48 was 28 late. At least one swap took place at Lowestoft with 37570 on the 10.10 from Peterborough being changed for 37564 which did the 14.48 return. Met up with Rob Brooks who was catching the latter from Wisbech. Rob says that while Peterborough are displaying new timetables, those at Wisbech are the old times. Even Walpole Highway has the new times on display, so why Wisbech hasn't is a mystery known only to First.
37576 was sidelined at Rowan Road today with a windscreen needing attention. It has had its Bobbooks ad replaced by one for 'Twisted - Goo On The Loose', a bar version of the Cadbury Creme Egg - all rather silly really.

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