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Saturday 23rd May 2009 ~ Return to Peterborough

37570 near Terrington today on K17. It is having a solid spell at the moment, but not as good as 37566 which has worked every day since 27th April.

The Saturdays only turn which simply works Lowestoft to Peterborough and return was a surprise today in the shape of 20127 which had been sent from Yarmouth. Just as well as the spare B9 at Lowestoft was utilised very quickly when 37567 on K14, the first incoming working from Lynn, was swapped for 37565. Later in the day a series of stepping down took place, the like of which we've not had reported for a while. L8 had 37575 which was changed at Lowestoft for the aforementioned 37567, then 37575 took over L9 from 37569 which had been noted by Bruce & myself running 25 minutes late going east at Walpole. The swaps continued with 569 then taking Y10 in place of 37579 which remained at Lowestoft.

Not only was 20127 performing, from the Lynn end K1 produced 20104. As this ends at Yarmouth, could it put in a second Sunday appearance in a row I wonder ?
37578 returned to traffic today on K19. Rowan Road had a fine selection of B10Ms this evening with 20105/6/9/18/21/23/31 all present. 20105 had a service today and had been prepared for working a private hire job tomorrow, apparently organised by one of the King's Lynn fitters.

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