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Monday 4th May 2009 ~ Cold and Wet - It must be a Bank Holiday !

A false dawn as the sun attempts to shine. 37568 heads east on the 10.10 from Peterborough.
The rain begins to fall as 37570 passes Walpole on the 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough

A gloomy day with showery rain here in the west. Passenger numbers on the X1 looked quite healthy though. Michael Bryant popped over to Lowestoft this morning to get some pictures and saw 37565 & 37577 at Gasworks Road depot. For reasons best known to themselves, a number of swaps took place at Lowestoft today. Late running didn't seem to be the cause, so why is unclear. The 11.30 arrival from Lynn was 37569, but this then had a rest and the 11.48 return was 37571. The 12.30 arrival was 37578 and 37569 then took the 12.48. Later 37568 which was the 14.30 arrival was changed for 37566 for the 14.48, this having arrived at 13.30.

Light traffic due to the dismal weather meant services were within 5 minutes of time.

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