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Saturday 9th May 2009 ~ Did I Really See That ?

Things you don't notice when taking a photo No. 1 : 37573 arriving at Wisbech this afternoon with only half a Nokia advert !
Things you don't notice when taking a photo No. 2 : Jamie R sitting on the bottom deck of 37573 this afternoon and he's not waving ! Perhaps too embarrassed or may be just surprised. K16 leaving Wisbech complete with Easyjet ad.

Things you don't notice when taking a photo No. 3 : Is that Wayne driving and waving at me ? This is 37575 on K17 passing Walpole this afternoon.

This is JJD480D after arrival at Rowan Road yesterday. Photo from Des.

This little lot had a day off from X1s today, but 20123 looks like it has been on the 42 town service to Fairstead at some point.

Thanks must again be expressed to Rob Brooks who managed to view eleven out of the nineteen X1 turns today. Here is his days work :

Y9 20126 1018 Wisbech - Pbro ontime
L11 37565 passed the South Gates leaving Lynn at 1048 to Eterborough
K14 20104 1215 Lynn - Peterborough departed bang on time
K4 37577 1645 Lynn - Peterborough ontime. Came off the parking stands
K18 37566 arrived Lynn at 1652 on the 1702 to Yarmouth dep OT
K5 37576 arrived Lynn 1705 on the 1715 to Peterborough dep OT
K19 37579 arrived Lynn 1721 on the 1732 to Lowestoft dep 1 late
Y6 37568 arrived Lynn 1733 on the 1745 to Peterborough ontime (with rear add for Kwik Fit, ironically......)
K1 37564 heading into Lynn at the South Gates 1748 on the 18.02 to Yarmouth
K2 37572 heading down Walpole Highway at 1810 to Lowestoft
K3 20351 arrived Wisbech 1825 on the 1830 to Kings Lynn

Thanks very much for that Rob, I can add one or two sightings. Y7 was 37567 which is the first arrival of the evening at Lynn garage, being the 18.07 terminator from Lowestoft. Y8 was the big surprise (or not as Grahame had tipped it to work), 20353 on its first day out since its failure on March 28th. L10 was 37569.
A quirk of the new Saturday timetable is that for the first time, we have a turn which only does one trip Lowestoft to Peterborough and return. This is L12 and nobody reported it today, it looks to have been either 37570 or 571. Y13 in common with the other Saturday evening arrivals at Lowestoft now has a quick turn round. It comes in from P'bo at 17.40 and is out again at 17.48. Today this was 37563. The other three turns today were : K15 37577, K16 37573 and K17 37575.
37568 seems to be the only B9 recipient so far of the KwikFit ad Rob refers to. The small ads featuring graduates from the UEA are : 37563 (Charlie Higson), 37566 (Sarah Vero) and 37573/4/9 (Carol Bundock).

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