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Wednesday 20th May 2009 ~ Profile Profusion

"Just how many B7s have we got ?" asked Bruce this afternoon as the third turn in a row passed his house with one of them. Well 20352 came first on K2 ( it had replaced 37566), but next came 20351 on K3 and then 20353 on K4. Earlier 20352 had been standing in on L12 which is thought to have been taken forward by 37578.
The lowlight of the day was definitely the failure of Premiere B10M 20121 which had taken over K1 at some point and which just before 15.45 expired at the Clarkson Avenue junction in Wisbech. I expect it ws a recurrence of the battery charge fault. Anyway, by the time I passed by at 17.05, 20121 had been joined by 20105 which had arrived with a young fitter to sort 121 out. A First employee had enforced a stop/go method to keep the traffic flowing.
The B10M rolecall today was 20103 : K18, 20104 : K16 and 20121 as described above.

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