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Friday 1st May 2009 ~ Don't Mention The G word

The g word in question being Guyhirn. Having already lost count of the number of accidents this week in that locality, today provided another example. Services were affected late morning and the repercussions continued until ealy afternoon. At one stage services were taking the Wisbech St. Mary route to avoid the area. Worst delay from this went to K14 13.35 from Peterborough which was 30 seconds short of half an hour late into Wisbech with 37574. Later on K1 also lost time badly, 37570 was 21 late departing Wisbech on the 11.55 from Lowestoft and after having negotiated the Peterborough Friday traffic was seen passing Walpole at 18.07 (31 late) on its way back to Yarmouth.
Swaps today were 37573 on the 06.45 from Gorleston (Y9) which came off at Lynn for MOT prep, its replacement being 20127. Another B10M involved in a swap was 20104 which did K2, but was replaced for the 18.35 Lynn - Lowestoft by 37568 which had just arrived on Y7.
20103 is now off the road for MOT at Yarmouth and 37575 remains at Full Circle for accident repairs. 37563 did not show today and so could be an MOT target.
The B7s once again did K5 (351) and K3 (352), so these look to be the regular ones. One interesting contrast is that in the last timetable, turns K3 and K17 both had late finishes with B7s, whereas the current K3 and K5 both finish relatively early at 18.58 & 19.58 respectively.
One other B10M hitherto unmentioned was 20107 (what else ?) which completed the week on K4 and kept time fairly well.
Michael reports a dearth of B10Ms on the X2 - well that's because they are all on the X1 of course. Tonight though he saw Olympian 34925 get a run out on the 17.08 Lowestoft - Norwich, something of a rarity these days.

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