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Tuesday 19th May 2009 ~ Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Pouring rain at Peterborough. The young lady on the right is making desperate efforts to shelter from the rain, or I suppose could be avoiding the camera of Rob Brooks ? 37566 is seen on K3 this evening having replaced the usual B7 Profile.

Oy said Dave from Swindon this morning (Wed). Where's Tuesdays blog ? Are things slipping in the Fens ? Well the answer to that is an old Fenland retort 'Well Yes & No !'. No we are not slacking, but I have a horrible sore throat which unfortunately has coincided with a hectic social schedule of meetings etc. (sounds pompous but true actually). I will try and get back on track as it were.
So what of Tuesday ? Well in addition to 37574 which has now not worked in service since May 5th, 37565 also appears to have been taken off the road - one would like to think that this might mean no more buses going to 'Eterborough, Owestoft or Orleston', though I expect it may be having its MOT. For the record it was last seen on Thursday unless you know different. 37576 had a scheduled service at Lynn today and Profile 20352 began its day on K3 but was replaced at Lowestoft by B9 37566.
John Wilson emailed to report that the first turn from Yarmouth was 37573 and adds 'When I passed VA at around 10.40, 37573 was there as if it was todays maintenance vehicle'.
I'm beginning to wonder if it was actually in service when you saw it John and was having an adblu problem fixed or similar ? Either way it began the day on Y6 and seems to have finished the turn too, although it is always possible that another vehicle filled in to Lowestoft and back.
Latest turn seen today was K2 this afternoon which with 37569 in charge had lost 17 minutes on its schedule. The number of B9 Geminis now sporting the Pepsi Raw dropdown advert has increased to epidemic proportions. Even 37564 (of Renee Zelweger fame) has now received one. Apart from out of service 37565 which has not been viewed, only 37571 & 37579 have escaped the treatment. At the same time 37564/575 have lost their ads for 'The Haunting'.
There were three B10Ms noted today, these being 20103 on Y13, 20104 on Y7 and 20107 on K16.
Early evening services were delayed tonight when an accident at Eye Green on the Crowland Road spilled its congestion back onto the A47.

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