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Sunday 17th May 2009 ~ Renee beats the odds

20104 at Walpole Highway this lunchtime following a heavy shower. It was something of a surprise to see it out on a Sunday again.
37575 was motoring well this afternoon complete with new ad for Pepsi Raw

The saga of the Renee Zelweger ad for the film 'New In Town' on 37564 continues. Another campaign for Pepsi began this weekend, but 37564 spent Sunday locked inside Vancouver Avenue garage at Lynn after being taken off K19 turn yesterday. As a result 37576/7 at Rowan Road, both received new ads for Pepsi while 564 remained out of reach ! The ad which has been in situ now for 3 months is begining to peel. Norfolk County Council have sponsored a new range of rear ads, 37576 carries one about libraries and 37577 one about rubbish (no comment necessary ?). 37575 looks to have been adorned with another NCC ad. Meanwhile the Cola ad was seen on 37566/73 today also. 37573 was the bus which had lost half its Nokia advert and apparently this was spotted adjacent to the A47 on the roadside at Necton !!

Quite why Yarmouth found it necesary to use 20104 on the X1 today is unknown - perhaps the driver preferred B10Ms. It did the 08.30 ex Yarmouth and worked all day finishing at Lynn this evening. Gemini 37566 failed at Wisbech at 09.30 with an adblu fault, however after some attention it was able to continue.

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