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Thursday 30th October 2008 ~ Half Way There

20502 and four B10s line up at Rowan Road on 29th October
Today saw the release to traffic of 37565 which arrived at King's Lynn tonight on Y21 17.25 from Lowestoft. This was rather surprising as Jamie V had seen 20501 on X1 shuttles and I had expected this to be Y21. For the first time, all seven Lowestoft allocated Geminis were in service (37563-569), plus King's Lynn's 37573. Five of these had arrived at Lynn by 20.30 and of these 37564 had come in on L13 with a broken side window caused by vandals throwing a rock (retrieved by depot staff) and which could have been serious. 20114 off J11 worked forward to Peterborough at 19.59. 37568 had come in on L12 with a cracked windscreen and arrangements for repair were being made, so a pretty hectic night. 37569 was involved in a late running episode on K16, due off Peterborough at 13.48, it was about 30 late departing with a full load. 37563 worked K15 for the second consecutive day and was 10 late this evening on the last Lynn - Peterborough.

20508/9 were again inactive at Lynn compound and it looks like they've finished working for FEC. 20505 went over to Lowestoft on Tuesday night but has not reappeared. 20117 was 3 early at Walton Highway on K1 07.48 Peterborough - Lowestoft and was seen later on the return working running 15 late at Wisbech at just after 16.15. 20105 had a strange day, it was seen on time on J10 06.40 Gorleston - Peterborough at Wisbech having come on at Lynn after 37567 failed and later was seen 28 late on K4 13.25 ex Lowestoft, again having come on at Lynn after late running. John W saw 37567 looking rather forlorn in the centre of Lynn bus station, but it later resumed work on J10 at 12.12.

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