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Friday 16th April 2010 ~ Photoshoot Day

I've been unable to ascertain whether 37570 attended its allocated photoshoot today - more news when I receive it, but suffice to say that 570 was absent from the X1 today. Probably most notable aspect of today was the return to service of 37563 after warranty repairs at Volvo (info thanks to one of our regulars !).
563 started on Y9 today having presumably been sent to Yarmouth, but it later dropped down to L10. Last night Yarmouth had 37565, 37573/5/7 on X1 arrivals. Today 565 was absent and dear old 20127 appeared instead on Y13 while 37563 replaced 577. Later Y13 was seen with 577 back in service replacing 20127. With me so far ?
37564 on L10 seems to have done one of the infamous X1 overtaking moves somewhere, as it looks to have completed Y9.
37579 had a catagory 'B' service this morning before working K5. Tonight it replaced 37573 on Y6 20.35 Lynn - Lowestoft.
There were actually three B10Ms out today. 'The Beast' worked K1 and was seen this afternoon running 8 late on K1. 20118 - the fave of the moment worked K3, a fraction early into Wisbech for the 08.56 to Lowestoft and a mere 3 late heading to Peterborough this afternoon and as reported above, the first leg of Y13 was 20127.
Return X1s from Peterborough into Wisbech this afternoon were seen as follows ; 37575 on K15 13 late, K16 37160 13 late and K17 37562 25 late.

37563 photographed by Jamie Vendy tonight on L12 at Peterborough railway station.

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