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Tuesday April 13th 2010 ~ A Window of Opportunity Returns

Back to work for me today and at last a day with an uninterrupted X1 service passing by. The B198 has reopened following the recent fire on Nene Quay.
All nineteen X1 diagrams were viewed at some point and timekeeping was generally good with almost all services running to within 5 minutes of their booked times through Wisbech.
Westbound services delayed were Y13 12.18 to Peterborough with 37156, 6 late and later K1 15.48 westbound with 37577 was 17 late. Eastbound, worst performers were 37568 9 late on K14 and 37573 15 late on K19. Both these had been on time going west. In contrast 37565 on L8 was a minute early into Wisbech to work the 11.26 to Lowestoft.
37572 on L11 was changed at Lynn for 37564 which then worked the 10.45 to Peterborough to enable a service to be carried out on 572.
B10M 20118 proved its worth by operating K5 and this was followed by 20107 on Y6. 37570 with its allover rear advert is pre-assigned for a photo-shoot on Friday !

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