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Sunday 18th April 2010 ~ Almost As Advertised

An all B9 Gemini service today, but not without incident. 37564 was in trouble at some stage and was replaced at Lynn with 37577. 37572 did the first Lynn to Lowestoft service which is supposed to go light to Yarmouth, but it ended up replacing 37573 on a late running incoming X1. 37563 was a minute or so late through Walpole Highway on the 11.08 to Peterborough, but was later seen departing Wisbech 20 late on the 13.00 to Lowestoft. Heavy traffic due to the good weather is believed to be the reason for this delay.

20107 spent the day having a well earned rest in Vancouver Avenue garage today, but this evening at last had its Bingo advertising vinyl removed from the drivers side. The ad-men are on the trail of 37575/8 which still retain the 'Nine' advert - a movie shown as 'in cinemas December' ! More recent advertising campaigns currently to be seen are one for Milk featuring Pixie Lotts and two versions of rear ads for  AXA Car Insurance.

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