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Tuesday April 6th 2010 ~ Holiday Highway

20118 having a holiday today
20127 back on country work, Jamie photographed it at Bradwell
What's this ? a B10M wrapped up in a very large quilt ? No its dear old 20103 dumped at Gasworks Road
20107 is an X1 regular, but less so on the X2. Photographed in Lowestoft today.
Many thanks to Jamie Vendy for all today's photos.
With it being school holidays, Lynn's allocation of B10Ms are free for X1 emergency use. What was unexpected was the use of 20118 on K5 all day though. The reason for this is that 37573 is stopped for MOT this week. 37158/60 were available, but were used on local work in preference. 20107 went east early on K1 but on arrival at Lowestoft was diverted onto the X2 with 34108 taking over K1, its first working on the X1 since 15th March.
Bruce reports K15 running 20 late westbound and 30 late returning with 37578 at lunchtime with 37572 on K16 running just four minutes behind it.

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